Guided Art Journal

Creating an art journal can be intimidating. I remember my first attempt at keeping an art journal. I was so confused and lost that I gave up after a few days because I couldn’t think of anything to draw. Even when I could think of something to draw I couldn’t make heads or tails of what it meant to me. So I turned to the internet for inspiration and found a plethora of possible prompts and projects and different ways to interpret art from a therapeutic perspective. This was great, but overwhelming in its own regard so I almost gave up again, but I figured that someone else would be in the same position, so I decided to sift through all of the possibilities and pull out a selection of simple prompts that could appeal to a beginner like myself. Those prompts formed the basis of this guided art journal. I created a workbook in a pdf format that is easily downloadable and printable.

To access the pdf version of the workbook, click here.

I personally love to see other people’s art and the impact it makes in their life. It is inspiring to see the power of art first hand. So I included some of my own drawings from this book in the hopes of inspiring others. I did not include my entire book, but some of my favorite pages are below.

This booklet is only a small collection of all of the possible prompts that are out there. The credit for these prompts or the basic ideas that I elaborated on can be attributed to the following websites and people:

The images I used that were not drawn or created by myself came from the following websites:


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