Need some new ideas? Want to do something a little more out of the box? Check out some of these other great sites for other art therapy directives!

  • A Psychological Interpretation of Drawings and Paintings – This ebook is a very in depth approach to interpreting your drawings, which is a key aspect to effective art therapy.
  • Art Therapy Activities – A short, but interesting list of simple art therapy prompts. Sadly, they do not have any explanations, but they are simple enough to figure out.
  • Art Therapy: Sharing Directives – A great blog filled with art therapy ideas that are both fun and helpful!
  • Art Therapy Techniques From in the Field – This blog focuses more on group activities than individual ones, but some of the ideas can be transferred over really easily!
  • Creative Art Therapy Ideas, Projects, & Themes – This blog has some very unique fun art therapy directives worth trying out!
  • Eco-art Therapy Directives – This page is so interesting because it is full of eco-friendly ideas. There are no directions with this page, but I am sure a quick internet search would turn up enough directions to make the projects correctly! This page has it’s own unique twist.
  • NeuroScience in Art Therapy – The physical and neurological benefits of art therapy have been researched well. This blog follows various research about these benefits. If you’re ever curious about how your body and mind are physically benefiting from your activities, then this blog is very interesting.
  • turning*turning – This blog follows one art therapist’s exploration of different mediums in the creative process.
  • 100 Art Therapy Exercises – A great, long list of ideas! They even link to their own pages with descriptions and examples.
  • 50 Art Journal Prompts by Blackburg Belle – This site has a nice list of art journal prompts should you get stuck in a rut. The ideas are simple, but very effective!

I hope you embrace the great ideas that these pages have and can really learn something new from them!


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